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Horizon Boost Platinum Card Account Online Access :

Horizon Card Services offers people with bad credit, no credit Boost Platinum for instant access to their $750 merchandise credit line along with exclusive Horizon member benefits. The Boost Platinum credit card also enables the users to shop at the Horizon Outlet and finance an amazing collection of products. Horizon Boost Platinum membership provides several benefits including an uncensored credit line, Credit Hawk, My Universal RX, My Roadside Protection, and My Legal Assistance.

Note that The Boost Platinum Account is a line of credit that the account members and cardholders can exclusively use on www.thehorizonoutlet.com. It is not a debit card, Visa, or Mastercard. It is a part of the Horizon Card Services family of credit products which is not a credit servicing organization, banking institutions, or insurance company.

How to Activate Horizon Boost Platinum Card Account Online :

Horizon Boost Platinum allows eligible individuals to try the service for 7 days for free. After that, you will be automatically enrolled in the Monthly Membership if you have not canceled it by yourself. Anyone of at least 18 years old and who possess a valid U.S. credit or debit card can enroll for the Boost Platinum Merchandise Credit Line. The card is perfect for those with no credit or less than perfect credit.

If you are interested you can take the steps provided below for a 7-Day Risk-Free trial and activate your Boost Platinum membership online.

  • Visit Horizon Boost Platinum official website at www.boostplatinum.com
  • Enter your Email Address and 5-digit Zip Code in their respective fields located almost the middle of your screen.
  • Select the first checkbox to agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the program.
  • By marking the second checkbox, you consent to receive emails from Boost Platinum, Horizon Gold, NetFirst Platinum, Group One Platinum, and Credit Card Committee.
  • See the charges and important information associated with Horizon Boost Platinum through the “Fees, Rates, and Cost Disclosure” link.

boost pltam card activation

  • Click the “Continue Activation Process” button to apply for your Horizon Boost Platinum Account and Card.

Horizon Boost Platinum Card Account Benefits & Advantages :

The Boost Platinum application is fast and easy. Once it is complete your results will be immediately ready to show you. If approved, your Horizon membership will be activated and your Boost Platinum Account will be open to letting you enjoy the following features and benefits.

  • No credit bureau checks, employment requirements, or restrictions with past bankruptcy history
  • Instant Access to $750 merchandise credit line
  • Make purchases select items available at The Horizon Outlet website, www.thehorizonoutlet.com
  • Make minimum monthly payment and start to build your credit history
  • Get access to 24/7 credit monitoring with Credit Hawk
  • Reports to a major credit bureau
  • My Roadside Protection coverage within 5 days of enrollment
  • My Universal RX to receive up to 50% off at over 55,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • My Legal Assistance for one free 30-minute consultation with a legal professional in your area
  • Identity Theft Insurance and more.

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How to Log In Horizon Members Account Online :

The use of some of these Horizon Boost Platinum benefits may require activations. To do that you can log in to your Horizon Members Benefits portal. The login credentials will be issued to you upon approval of your Boost Platinum Membership. For logging in, you will need to

  • Go to the Horizon Members Benefits portal, www.memberbenefitaccess.com/login
  • Enter the Member ID received during your Boost Platinum activation in the first field.
  • Next, enter your Zip Code in the last field and hit the blue “Login” button.

Now you can access all of your Boost Platinum Card Account details and register for the qualifying benefits.

Things You Should Know about Horizon Boost Platinum :

  • Horizon Boost Platinum Membership Fee is $177.24 annually and $14.77 per month
  • The Monthly Membership Fee and Activation Fee (one time if applicable) will be charged to your bank account and shown on the bank statement as Horizon Card Services.
  • There are no down payments required to shop with your Boost Platinum account or card but you may not use it to pay shipping or processing fees.
  • Apart from The Horizon Outlet shopping site, your Boost Platinum card and account will not work at any other place.
  • After the 7-day free trial period, you can log in to your Horizon Members Benefits Online Account or call the Member Service Phone Number to cancel your Boost Platinum membership.
  • Roadside and Legal Assistance are available three times per year whereas Universal RX Discount and Credit Monitoring are unlimited.

Contact Information :

Horizon Boost Platinum Members Service Phone Number: 1-800-251-6144

Horizon Boost Customer Advocacy Number: 1-800-837-4997

Writing Address:

Horizon Card Services
P.O. Box 1275
Indiana, PA 15701

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