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How to Apply for LendingPoint Loans:

LendingPoint is a fintech monetary record loan specialist. The Company works a cloud-based stage through which it offers momentary individual advances dependent on restrictive prescient examination.

It takes a gander at an individual’s work history, complete budgetary picture, mulling over a record of loan repayment, gaining potential and other information to decide reliability.

Features of Lendingpoint loans:

  • You may meet all requirements for an individual advance with a base FICO rating of 585, as per an agent.
  • Pre-qualify with a delicate credit check: You can check individual advance proposals without a hard request on your credit reports. Delicate credit checks don’t affect your financial assessment.
  • LendingPoint may move the cash as ahead of schedule as the accompanying industry day after endorsement.
  • While a great many people pick a 28-day installment plan, LendingPoint offers more decisions. You may decide on fortnightly installments. There’s likewise a choice to incidentally or forever change your installment due date.
  • Quick application and endorsement measure
  • Considers more than your FICO rating
  • Chapter 11 won’t exclude your application
  • Utilize the cash for any close to home cost
  • No prepayment punishments

Rates of lendingpoint loans:

  • Origination fee is 6% based on your location, as it can be zero percent
  • Late payment fee is $30
  • APR Range to 9.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms are from 2 years to 4 years
  • LendingPoint personal loans range from $2,000 to $25,000.

Apply for lendingpoint:

To apply, you have to open the website, www.lendingpoint.com/apply

  • After the page appears, at the center, you need to provide information such as,
  • Your desired loan amount, purpose of the loan, personal, financial information, and create your account.

LendingPoint Login

  • Now hit on, ‘Check my options’ button.

Lendingpoint login:

To login open the page, https://www.lendingpoint.com/

  • As the page appears, at top right click on, ‘Login’ button.
  • You will be forwarded to the login homepage, enter, account associated email, following by the password, click on, ‘Enter’ button.

How to retrieve Lendingpoint login information:

To retrieve the login information, open the page, https://www.lendingpoint.com/

  • Once the page appears, in the login homepage, tap on, ‘Forgot password?’ button.
  • In the next screen, enter, account email or username, click on, ‘Submit’ button.

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Important things to know about Lendingpoint loans:

  • Conceivable start expense: Depending on where you live, LendingPoint may charge a forthright beginning charge of 0% to 6% of the absolute credit.
  • Not accessible in all states: LendingPoint doesn’t offer individual advances in each state. You can see a total rundown of states where the loan specialist works together on its site.
  • No joint or cosigned credits: If you need to apply for an individual advance with another person, you have to look somewhere else. LendingPoint doesn’t permit joint or co-marked individual advances.
  • High greatest loan fee: LendingPoint’s most elevated yearly rate is 35.99%, which might be offered to the most un-reliable borrowers. This high APR will add a ton to your regularly scheduled installments.
  • LendingPoint offers: It’s simple, online application measure. You can prequalify for individual credit offers by presenting your date of birth, name, address, Social Security number, and yearly salary.
  • The loan specialist gives: They offer with a delicate draw, which won’t hurt your FICO rating. In the wake of picking one of LendingPoint’s own advance offers, a hard draw on your credit will be applied which will briefly bring down your score.

LendingPoint customer service:

To get more options for help call on, 888-969-0959.

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