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Citibank Routing Number for the United States :

Citi Bank has a wide spread network of banking locations throughout the United States that amounts to 723 branches alone in the nation. The bank is headquartered in New York and serves almost every U.S. state.

The bank is widely known for offering financial and investment products and services. If you are a customer of the bank you are showered with a wide range of financial services. At Citi Bank one can find personal banking, business banking, investment, loans, credit cards and more. Especially the bank offers a wide range of credit cards that range from in-store credit cards to business cards.

Citi Bank Routing Number :

You might feel important of Citi Bank Routing number whenever you are stuck on with a payment due to the requirement of a routing number or any other requirement. We often have a hard time looking for the unique routing number for your Citi Bank branch.

In this post, we are going to offer you a complete table of Citi Bank routing number. Read on and have a nice timer accessing the desired information.

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Citi Routing Number for the United States :

Alabama N/A
Alaska N/A
Arizona N/A
Arkansas N/A
California (Northern) 321171184
California (Central) 321171184
California (Southern) 322271724
Colorado N/A
Connecticut 221172610
Delaware 021272655
District of Columbia 254070116
Florida 266086554
Georgia N/A
Hawaii N/A
Idaho N/A
Illinois (including Chicago) 271070801
Indiana N/A
Iowa N/A
Kansas N/A
Kentucky N/A
Louisiana N/A
Maine N/A
Maryland 052002166
Massachusetts N/A
Michigan N/A
Minnesota N/A
Mississippi N/A
Missouri N/A
Montana N/A
Nebraska N/A
Nevada 322271724
New Hampshire N/A
New Jersey 021272655
New Mexico N/A
New York (including NYC) 021000089
New York (Euro American Bank customers) 021001486
North Carolina N/A
North Dakota N/A
Ohio N/A
Oklahoma N/A
Oregon N/A
Pennsylvania 021272655
Rhode Island N/A
South Carolina N/A
South Dakota 021000089
Tennessee N/A
Texas 113193532
Utah N/A
Vermont N/A
Virginia 254070116
Washington N/A
West Virginia N/A
Wisconsin N/A
Wyoming N/A

Conclusion :

You can go through the list and look for the routing number according to your state. Once you have located it you are ready to go with using it.




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